'The flower’ has been used as a metaphor for female genitalia and as a symbol of virginity for centuries. Advertising and branding in the feminine intimate care industry have used flowers and petals in a way that reinforce taboo and shame linked to old ideas and ideals of 'purity'.

In this exploration I reuse the metaphor of the flower in relation to female intimate health, but this time to represent facts and statistics of female health illiteracy. This exploration brings to light some of the most common facts women don’t know about their own genitalia and intimate health according to doctors and statistics, such as questions about cervical fluid and menstruation and 'what's normal'. These topics are rarely visualised and mainly only discussed in medical situations. My aim was to create a publication that makes this important health knowledge attractive and beautiful to interact with, using the flower metaphor to represent something important in order to reduce shame and taboo in relation to the subject.

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