In my Masters course I researched the subject of women's health with the outcome of the brand The Femsync

The brand derived from the insights that 90% of women suffer from hormone imbalance of some sort and 15% of hormone disorders, and the treatments offered are lacking or indeficient. The standard treatment is drugs and contraceptive pills that only look to treat symptoms and not the root cause of the problems.

The Femsync is the natural way to hormone and menstrual balance, a countering to the standard approaches of today. The Femsync helps women understand their cycle system and how to naturally optimise the synchronisation of her cycles for optimal hormone and menstrual health and overall well-being.

The Femsync practice its beliefs and mission through The Femsync membership club, a haven for female health. The Femsync is a physical space offering a cafĂ©, gym and spa with services tailored to your needs depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. By adjusting nutrition, exercise and recovery to the changes of the menstrual cycle throughout the month, hormonal and menstrual issues can be treated naturally.



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