This time last year I had my first meeting with Sorosh Tavakoli, one of the founders of Noquo Foods. He presented his and co-founder Anja Lesse's business idea that just saw the light of day, and I was immediately sold on their vision. They were going to create the first plant-based cheese that actually tastes good. I mean, how exciting is that!

Defining the brand

They were looking for help to create a graphic profile and web page to be able to present themselves for future stakeholders. We soon got to work on the brand mapping and just a few days later I held the brand workshop with him and Anja to define their vision, mission, positioning and distinction in these early stages of their business.

They're a great team and really complement each other in their expertise and experiences. Sorosh, the talented tech-entrepreneur previously building and selling the video ad company Videoplaza for a multi-million dollar sum, and Anja, the ambitious food scientist with the technical expertise from the food industry.

An exciting journey to follow

For anyone interested in the sustainable future of the food industry this is an exciting company to follow on their journey in re-inventing the foods we love. We're looking forward to their future product launches!